Top 10 Best 3D Android Games

There are thousands of android games available on the web. Many of them are also available for free. The top 10 best 3D android games according to us are as follows:- 1. F18 Carrier Landing 2 Pro F18 carrier landing 2 pro belongs to simulation genre of games. In this game you can fly different

10 Best Android Games for Kids

Android has developed into a gaming medium over time since its inception and slowly and steadily with games and gaming titles building up in the Play Store, android has now started to provide games for all, young, old and the kids as well. The best fun is for the kids because they have the largest

Top 10 Best Android Shooting Games

A lot of avid gamers are crazy about first person shooting games. But this was actually quite limited to only gaming consoles because of the graphics limitations which were available only of the expensive gaming consoles. Because of that, some of the gamers who did not own a console had lost out on a lot

Top 10 Best Android Puzzle Games

Puzzles have always been an integral part of the lives of children as they grow up. All of us have memories of playing and cracking our heads on various puzzle games. In fact it would be a delight to solve a puzzle and the happiness that arose from it is difficult to explain in proper

Top 10 Free Apps to Watch Movies on Android

Have Android powered smartphones, then convert them into personal theater. Yes, that too you can watch movies for free. There are many free apps available with Google Play, which lets you watch movies at any place of your convenience. Here we present out list of such apps. Top 10 Apps to Watch Movies Free on

What does Different WhatsApp Status Meant?

Many of you must have had issues with your friends, families, spouses and your partners even over your WhatsApp online status. If that is the case then this piece of information can help you explain them how it actually is and why you being online do not always mean that you are whiling your time

Top 10 Facebook Games

So do you spend most of your time on Facebook, visiting profile and chatting can make this stuff boring after some time. So why not spend some time playing games on Facebook. Here you can challenge your friends with better scores and indulge in some hate and love chat with them. We list out our

Top 10 Best Android Adventure Games

Some people are very adventurous and love the adrenaline rush that is causes. This might not be limited only to sports or the actual adventures. This is also translated in their day to day life and in the activities that they do. The games that they play on android is one such domain where their

Use WhatsApp Without appearing Online

Lots of people use WhatsApp as their daily driver for communicating with friends, family, loved ones as well as business persons alike. It is fast, easy and sophisticated to use without any hiccups. Because of this more than 80% of the smartphone users are actively on WhatsApp and using it quite regularly. WhatsApp provides a

How to Watch TV Shows Free on Android?

Android powered smartphones have not just evolved into bigger and better phones, but they have also developed as a complete entertainment and social package. You already have your social media on your phones along with the latest music as well and videos from YouTube. And now with tablets and bigger and better resolution displays on