How to Reset an Android Phone

We all are used to using our Android phones daily. From the Expensive all feature rich HD handsets to the budget phones; they all get us on our way with our day to day lives. They serve our basic communication needs through calls and messages and also let us connect to the World Wide Web,

How to Transfer Android App Through Bluetooth

When you see an application on a friend’s phone and are tempted to get the same application by avoiding the hassle of data downloads again and again, you can opt an easy option to transfer the app from the Bluetooth. Transferring Android apps through the Bluetooth is very easy and can be done with the

Top 5 Free Call Recorder Apps for Android Phone

Call recording was always a built-in app in the phones. Since it is a dropping features now-a-days, there are many third-party which provides this app if you are missing this app on your phone. It has become easy and manageable to record and save your calls with these best 5 app on the android platform.

How to Transfer Files From an Android Device to PC via Wi-Fi

Often times one may feel the need to access the files and folders on the phone SD card from the PC. Usually one has to connect the phone to the PC via a USB cord or remove the SD from the phone itself to connect it to the PC using a card reader. Sometimes it

10 Best Android Web Browsers 2014

With the android phones becoming new cool among the people, internet surfing on these phones has also invaded the trend. Here are the lists of some efficient and amazing browsers which support the Android platform. Use these browsers and you would never want to switch on to any other. Such excellent performances and efficiency. 10

How to Use Kik Messenger From PC

In the fast paced world of instant messaging, another new entrant made its debut in 2009 – Kik Messenger. The messenger does provide a ‘kick’ to your system with its hordes of facilities. The best part of all the pluses is that it comes for free and one has to incur absolutely no cost for

Top 10 Aircraft Games on Android

A virtual ‘soar high’ in the sky! Thanks to the amalgam of android software and aircraft games, aviation is no more a day dream! You can now pacify your urge to fly, even with your pals simply by installing aircraft games on android phones. 1. Sky Gamblers Well matched to the curiosity of history lovers,

How to Run Java Apps or Games on Android

In the progressing time, technology has developed a lot. Automobiles, gadgets, electronics and other stuff have developed. Mobiles are now an integral part of our lifestyle. Various applications and games comes pre-installed in these phones. Owners of old mobile phones are rapidly seeking to change their phones and get updated to the latest technology. Users have

Top 10 Best 3D Android Games

There are thousands of android games available on the web. Many of them are also available for free. The top 10 best 3D android games according to us are as follows:- 1. F18 Carrier Landing 2 Pro F18 carrier landing 2 pro belongs to simulation genre of games. In this game you can fly different

10 Best Android Games for Kids

Android has developed into a gaming medium over time since its inception and slowly and steadily with games and gaming titles building up in the Play Store, android has now started to provide games for all, young, old and the kids as well. The best fun is for the kids because they have the largest