5 Best Android PDF Editor Apps

Unavailability of PDF editing software has been a botheration at the time of instant requirement for all PDF users. Therefore, there have been apps developed to make it convenient for android users since it is the age of smart phones. PDF editing has now become effortless with the Android device users. Users can edit their

How to Use Android Phone as Webcam

For most people video calling or video chat through Skype, MSN, Google+ Hangout or MSN has become a far-flung yet appealing affair. It allows you to communicate face to face with people staying in far off regions that too free of cost. But what if someone possesses a desktop with no webcam? Can your smart

Top 5 Best Free Online Virus Scanner

A virus is one of the biggest threats a system has to face. It comes in silently & poses an extremely high priority danger to all the precious data in the computer. Most hackers also use computer virus, Trojan & other malicious code to get unauthorized access to any account or steal any personal data.

Top 5 Best Dropbox Alternatives To Store Your Data

One of the most widespread and common cloud storage services is provided by Dropbox to all its consumers. But this fame has stirred its own share of controversies by appointing Condoleezza Rice to its Board of Directors. It sets off a movement worldwide to drop Dropbox and search for other suitable alternatives. Among the whole

10 Best Multiplayer Android Games

Over the last few years gaming on the android platform has widened and evolved massively. There are new types and games coming everyday which has increased the interest of gaming in people. Single player games have been in trend since android phones came in the market, but multiplayer games have started hitting the trend recently.

10 Best Android Racing Games

Android is the 2nd favorite platform which people opt for gaming. Android has proved its best after the desktop version in many games especially of the Gaming genre. Racing, as the stats say, is the most downloaded genre of all the games. Android has an endless list of racing games which, best serves the purpose

How to Change Default Icons on Android Phones

Today a majority of cell phone users prefers Android devices more than its Symbian or Java counterparts. So the Android OS, with all its updates, not to forget, its latest Kitkat version, is the most popular choice of cell phone consumers worldwide.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone is that totally happy with these updates

How to Unzip and Unrar Files Online

Often people have to send large number of documents and files to their colleagues and peers and others too. But sometimes mail does not allow sending files of larger size. So the computers have a facility to zip files so as to make it one file consisting of number of files. Zip is an archive

How to Download Pdf or Doc From Scribd For Free

Scribd is known to be the biggest digital library on the online platform. The eBooks which cannot be found anywhere can be easily found on the Scribd library. This page has a certain set of formalities to be done before downloading any kind of document. The page needs a proper login and payment, after which

How to Reset an Android Phone

We all are used to using our Android phones daily. From the Expensive all feature rich HD handsets to the budget phones; they all get us on our way with our day to day lives. They serve our basic communication needs through calls and messages and also let us connect to the World Wide Web,