How to WiFi tether your Android Phone?

wifi hotspotWhat is Android Tethering?
All you people who have an Android Phone must have often heard about tethering. Let me begin with introducing the term tethering to you. Moreover, tethering refers to the act of sharing data/internet (GPRS/EDGE, 3G, LTE) in your Android phone with any other device such as laptop, PC or tablet by getting the same connected to your phone. Here your Android phone would work as a modem, to allow other devices connect to internet.

Tethering is sure to come to your rescue especially during those times when your other internet access routes are not present. The good news here is that you can get your Android Phone tethered by making use of various tethering alternatives. Some of the readily available options include bluetooth tethering, USB tethering and of course Android wifi tether. In the following write-up we will be focussing our attention on wifi tethering.

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How to Access the Wifi Tethering Option?
You must be wondering as to how you can go ahead and put to use the Android wifi tether alternative. It would be hard for you to believe, but the entire process is known to be absolutely user-friendly. At a very basic level, most of the Android phones are known to come geared up with an in-built wifi tethering option. In order to kick-start the tethering process, you can begin with opening your phone’s Setting Screen, clicking on the More option button available under the Wireless & Networks tab and finally hitting on the tethering and portable hotspot preference.

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The Tethering Process Continues:
Once the above process is completed, you need to go ahead and tap on the set up wifi hotspot option. This is exactly where the actual Android wifi tether process initiates. As and when you complete the above activity you will be in a position to get your Android Phone’s wifi hotspot configured. Moreover, at this stage you will be required to set the SSID that is the name and of-course the password. Make sure that you maintain the security set to WPA2 PSK. This is because the above mentioned security set is considered to be the most latest encryption standard. Similarly, this security set ends up earning full points especially on the safekeeping parameter. You will then reach the last step of the process. Here you will be required to keep an eye on your portable wifi hotspot option. Eventually, you will be able to connect your wifi hotspot to your laptop, tablet or any other device for that matter.

Android Tethering Apps:
In order to start the Android wifi tether process, you can also lay down serious consideration on making use of an Android tethering app. All you need to do is go ahead and pay a visit to the Google Play Store so as to be able to download the same to your Android phone. Moreover, you can choose between various paid and unpaid apps like FoxFi, Pdanet+, WiFi Tethering, WiFi Hotspot etc.

So what are you waiting for? Want to share, transfer or exchange internet between your Android phone and any other device at hand? Hurry up and consider making use of the Android wifi tether alternative.

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