What are WhatsApp Check Marks meant for?

whatsapp check marks

I have already done my review of WhatsApp in one of my old post. Click here to read it. As we all know now, WhatsApp is a unique way of staying in contact with your friends using your Mobile Number. So let me discuss what are those WhatsApp check marks meant in messages.

How WhatsApp Works

Let us first understand how the messaging mechanism works in WhatsApp. Here, first the sender sends the message. This is then sent to WhatsApp server, which holds the message. If the receiver is connected to internet then the message would be delivered. Else, the message is delivered from WhatsApp server when the receiver is connected to internet.

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What does WhatsApp Check Marks mean?

Now, what those check marks meant in WhatsApp messages. As per WhatsApps’official FAQ, one-check-whatsapp¬†one check mark mean message successfully delivered to the server. two-check-marksTwo check marks mean message successfully delivered to the phone of your chat partner.

So whatever misconception most user were having that two check marks mean message was read is wrong.

Single check mark next to your message mean your message delivered to the server, but your chat partner might not have received it due to various reasons. The reasons are like; their phone might be switched off or phone’s battery is dead, phone not connected to the internet, they might have seen the notification on the screen but they have not launched the app or they might have blocked you.

If the last reason shocked you, it is true that you can’t find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. The only way to find out if your chat partner has blocked you is through their online status. You can’t see online status of the chat partner who have blocked you.

So it’s the same way, you can only find out if somebody have added you on WhatsApp when they send you messages. Really interesting but these WhatsApp features are security concerns for users.

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