10 Must Have Android Apps For News & Magazines

Android Must Have News App
Flipboard: One Android must have news app that is seen enjoying a good deal of fan following of late is none other than the Flipboard app. Connecting to social networks has now become a cakewalk all thanks to the Flipboard app. Similarly, you can also explore this app in further depth in order to read the RSS feeds. Not to forget the user friendly interface provided by this app, that helps you to swipe content at the touch of a finger. Moreover, the Flipboard app is known to present you with a good deal of customization alternatives. However, the cherry on the cake still remains the magazine style layout offered by this app.

Pocket: Next up in the category of performance oriented news and magazine apps comes the Pocket app. The best part about the Pocket app is the hip and sleek design carried by this app, which ends up giving the same an extremely eye-catching appearance. This app is known to be largely compatible with a wide array of third party apps. Yet another one of its kind feature associated with the Pocket app is its offline caching ability. You can also put this app into further use in order to handle book marking without hassle of any kind. Similarly, you can also manage links with ease using this app.

Drippler: Yet another Android must have news app that rightly stands out in the crowd is nothing, but the Drippler app. You can make absolute use of the aforementioned app in order to get your hands on any and every kind of Android tips and tricks at large. On an overall level, this app is believed to have an answer to every question of yours. One stand out feature associated with the Drippler app is the one of its kind notification design presented by the same. Most importantly, Drippler has come to be recognized as an app that is capable of making the most latest and top Android updates available to its users.

Alive: One such Android news and magazine app that you should definitely avoid giving a miss is none other than the Alive app. You are likely to get a taste of one of the best feature tracking options by installing the Alive app. In the recent times, Alive has come to be recognized as the ultimate mobile augmented reality software. Moreover with the Alive app you are sure to step into a highly distinguished virtual arena. This app is known to come loaded with a number of highly followed alternatives which include the likes of social media, gaming, WAP pages, mobile commerce and even AV clips for that matter, which is basically a result of bang on transformation of text, images, symbols, objects and so on and so forth.

Google Currents: Yet another Android must have news app that you should go ahead and download from the Google Play Store right away is nothing, but the Google Currents app. If a high speed and extraordinary performance news and magazine app is what you are looking out for, then in that case there is no thinking much before laying your hands on the Google Currents app. This app is known to be designed in such a way that it is capable of making available magazine like editions for your Android supported tablets and even smartphones for that matter. Similarly, if offline reading of content is what you seek to enjoy, then in that case the Google Currents app is considered to be a perfect pick for you.

Ajit: Next up in the category of most favorable news and magazine apps for Android is the Ajit app. This is one very local app, which inspite of its geographic limitations has been able to achieve a top spot in the news and magazine apps race. This app which is otherwise popularly known as the Daily Ajit Online app is known to bring to you any and every kind of Punjabi News Updates. This app is known to touch almost every genre under the sun that necessarily includes business, sports, politics, national and international news reports among others. On an overall level, this app is known to focus on the North Indian States, which mainly include Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.

Feedly Reader: Yet another excellent Android must have news app that is seen coming in the limelight of late is the Feedly Reader app. This smart app has come to be synonymously known as a spot on RSS Reader app. If you are a person who is fond of religiously following blogs or even news sites, shows and channels for that matter should make it a point to get your hands on the Feedly Reader app. Be it the Craiglist Updates, Recipes, Flick Photos or the Vimeo shows, you don’t need to worry about missing out on any of these if you have the Feedly Reader app at hand. Moreover, this app is known to function at a lightning speed.

NewsHunt: All you people out there who are looking forward to keep a track on the news coming from every nook and corner of India should hurry up and get the NewsHunt app installed in their Android device. Most importantly, this app is known to collect under one roof single platform news from over eighty regional newspapers, which are known to further house eleven languages. This app is also known to contain a massive collection of ebooks. Similarly, this app is known to keep you updated on the breaking news even when you are not making use of the same.

Samsung Update: Next up in the list of Android must have news apps comes the Samsung Update app. This app comes across as a bang on pick especially for all the Samsung Loyalists out there. At a very basic level, the Samsung Update app is known to bring to you a wide array of superior quality articles that mainly cover areas such as software updates, custom ROMS and tutorials among others. Above all, the Samsung Update app is particularly known for being a highly interactive app of the lot. As a user, you can also leave back comments on the displayed articles.

NDTV Gadgets: Last up in the category of better than the best Android news and magazine apps comes the NDTV Gadgets app. This app is considered to be the full and final destination as far as your tech requirements are concerned. At a very basic level, this app is known to be capable of offering you with different kinds of first rate opinions and analysis as far as gadgets go. Similarly, this app is known for making available gadget reviews for the ready reference of all its users. You can also get your hands on all the gadget related breaking news if you were to download and install this particular app.

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